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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh Apricot

Have you tasted fresh Apricots? I haven't even seen them until few months back, when brother bought me a batch from his trip to Kulu Manali. I love the tangy taste the dried apricots give to bakes. And I always have a jar full of dry apricots in my fridge. When I saw the fresh ones I was so excited. They are so cute, Right?

I thought they would be tangy but they were very sweet and so delicious. I felt like I was eating plums only the colour was different. At first I thought of making some dish with it but whenever I went into the kitchen I couldn't stop eating an apricot. So it was over by the time I was searching for the recipe. 

So here is a picture for those who haven't seen fresh apricot. 


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